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to Summit Fuel Energy Solutions where we energize the lives of millions of people.

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On track to increase returns and grow production...

Can an oil and gas company be part of a sustainable energy future?

We're working actively to reduce the climate emissions, put a price on carbon and benefit societies around the world. We aim to be world's most carbon-efficient oil and gas producer, and are investing actively in renewable.

Discover how we're innovating in oil and gas energy


Oil refining.

Summit Fuel Energy Solutions is capable of carrying out high volumes of oil refining. In recent years, the Company's refining activities have been focused on meeting the market demand for quality petroleum products. Over a number of years,Summit Fuel Energy Solutions has been consistently implementing the modernization program for refineries, which has improved the quality of its products and increased its competitiveness. This is the most ambitious program for the modernization of oil refining capacities in the oil industry, which includes the fulfilment of the Company's obligations under the quadripartite agreement.


Safety Management

Traditionally, most of Summit Fuel Energy Solutions's gas has been sold through long-term contracts to large European gas companies and suppliers. In the absence of a separate market price for gas, the sale price has often been indexed to the price of oil.

Built to last.

In Summit Fuel Energy Solutions, we believe our job is to turn them into opportunities. That’s why we’re looking for new ways to utilise our expertise in the energy industry, exploring opportunities in new energy as well as driving innovation in oil and gas around the world. We know that the future has to be low carbon.

Zero harm everyday.

In the USA, Summit Fuel Energy Solutions has shares and production in three premium shale oil and gas plays. Gas is used for energy production, heating and industrial purposes. Through transport agreements to New York City and Toronto, residents can keep winter temperatures at bay with shale gas from the Marcellus field.


Our ambition is to be the world’s most carbon-efficient oil and gas producer, as well as driving innovation in offshore wind and renewable.

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